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We are Larisa Walk and Bob Dahse, homesteaders living in the rolling hills of southeastern Minnesota. Since getting together in 1982, we have continually experimented with things to make our lives more sustainable, stable and survivable. We are seeking a better path for ourselves on this planet, a “Geo-Path” if you will. Our journey has focused on appropriate technology, a human-scale approach that is not easily categorized as low-tech, high-tech, prepper, traditional, pre or post industrial. Perhaps “transitional” says it best in that we work judiciously, with what is currently widely available, to design a minimal impact way of life. We have set about these goals while living mostly by subsistence with little motivation for wages beyond the poverty level, preferring to do more with less.

In these pages we will share what we've accomplished and learned in our decades of living off-grid in our owner-built strawbale home, warmed by the sun and a masonry stove, water harvested from above, and feeding ourselves year-round from our organic, home-grown foods. We can't tell you what to do, but we can show you what we've done and why. We mostly hope to inspire you to be less fearful and to take the leap to do SOMETHING, not someday, but NOW!

"Once you SEE the change you want to BE, you need to BE the change you want to SEE!"

Products & Services

Yes, we do offer some stuff for sale, specifically stainless steel food dryer screens and self-published how-to books.

Stainless Steel Dryer Screens

For really quick ordering within the continental United States, just use one of these E-Bay links:

Or we will give you the cheapest possible quote to your address:

We can sell screens for $3.00/ square foot, or $12.00 per 2-by-2 foot dryer screen, plus actual shipping costs to your locale. To get a shipping quote,
  • simply send or e-mail us your postal Zip Code and,
  • the number of screens you would like. 
There is a minimum order of 2 screens, and because it comes off a 4-foot roll we only sell it in multiples of 2 screens (either 2, 4, 6, etc.). For instance, to build a 4-by-4-foot dryer (the minimum we recommend) you will need 4 screens, totaling $48.00 plus shipping.

Buying Screens from GeoPathfinder

Once you have received your shipping quote,
  • If you wish to proceed with an order using PayPal (which accepts all major credit cards, checking accounts, and e-checks), we can either send you a PayPal invoice or you can pay the total with shipping either to our account on GMail.com, listed as "bobdowser".
  • Or, if you dislike paying online and are not in a big hurry, just send a check to:
          Bob Dahse/Larisa Walk
          30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road
          Winona, MN 55987

We ship via USPS using either the slower, cheaper Standard Post or the faster, more expensive Priority Mail. Standard Post orders ship on Fridays, when we take a weekly trip to town. Priority Mail orders can ship on any regular business day since USPS picks these up from our home.

When you receive your screens we recommend washing them in warm, soapy water. Factories ship them covered with a light coating of petroleum-based lubricating oil that is used in the weaving process. It is best to get that off before mounting them in a frame and using them with food.

If you need the screens trimmed slightly to recess the screen edges back from the edges of a 2-by-2-foot frame, we recommend using a metal shears. We use a Stanley model with slightly serrated, chrome-molybdenum steel blades that work quite well. The screen edges are sharp so wear gloves! If you would prefer the screens slightly smaller but you would like us to cut them for you, please mention this in your request.

Books & Literature For Sale

Buying Hard Copies of our books using PayPal
Buying Downloads of our books & literature using PayPal

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E-Mail: geopathfinder@yahoo.com
And if you are looking for our web pages about Earth Energies and the Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation, they are now on a new page called Unseen Energies, formerly found on our sister site, GeoPathfinder.net.

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